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Our custom PowerPoint presentation company creates compelling slides for students, professionals, and businesses. Let us highlight your ideas effectively and win the hearts of your audience.

  • 100% original slides
  • Creative approach to each project
  • 98.6% satisfied customers
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Why choose our PowerPoint presentation writing service?

  • Unique presentations

    We offer custom presentation services: our designers create each presentation from scratch based on the materials you provide. A PowerPoint presentation writer considers your guidelines, vision, and expectations for an outstanding result.

  • Artistic vision

    Our PowerPoint presentation writers have strong visual storytelling and design skills. Thus, we can implement your creative ideas with a click of fingers while ensuring that each slide is unique and formatted professionally.

  • Lightning fast delivery

    Do you have an important meeting or presentation tomorrow? No worries - our PowerPoint presentation service can deliver your presentation in 12 hours. Original content and attention-grabbing design are guaranteed.

  • Free revisions

    We offer professional PowerPoint presentation writing with a satisfaction guarantee. If you need adjustments in the ready presentation, we will update it in 24 hours. Revisions are unlimited and free for 14 days after delivery.

  • Customer-friendly prices

    Choose between the three "write my PowerPoint presentation" packages and never overpay for slides again. We offer lucrative discounts to first-time clients - chat with us to learn more.

  • Unlimited support

    Our PowerPoint presentation writing service comes with unlimited support anytime you need it. The customer support team is on chat 24/7, so feel free to contact us for an instant response or a free quote.

Outsource your PowerPoint presentations to experts

Creating an impressive PowerPoint presentation takes time, energy, and design skills. If you are overwhelmed with other tasks and projects, or your writing skills aren't up to scratch, it will be difficult to put together a high-quality presentation.

  • Our PowerPoint presentation experts will create any presentation for you shortly. Whether it's a presentation for your Psychology class, a business presentation for investors, or e-learning slides, we can help anytime. Here's why our customers prefer to buy a PowerPoint presentation online:

    • Have no time to craft your presentation? If you have no time to make a presentation, our expert writers will do everything for you. We follow all instructions and guidelines, so the presentation will be exactly like you wanted.
    • Need a good PowerPoint presentation urgently? We can deliver your PowerPoint presentation today if you're in a rush. Our writers respect deadlines and will deliver your project on time while following all your requirements.
    • Do you lack presentation writing skills? Creating great PowerPoint presentations takes design knowledge and software skills. Our company has experienced writers and designers who can present your ideas in an engaging way.
    • Want to wow everyone with a great presentation? Do you need a top presentation for an important business meeting or want to improve your grades? We create custom presentations, leveraging design features, colors, and data visualization skills to impress your audience.

    Our company can create a professional PowerPoint presentation for you quickly and risk-free. Chat with us to get a free quote, or place your order to get matched with a design expert ASAP!

All types of PowerPoint presentation writing

As a company with 9+ years in the market, we provide all kinds of PowerPoint presentation help:

  • Presentation content from scratch

    Need an amazing presentation but only have a topic? No worries - our best PowerPoint presentation services will research your subject, gather and cite sources, and develop a compelling narrative. You will receive both the slides and the speaker notes and will be 100% ready to deliver a presentation.

    Data visualization

    Does your presentation contain large amounts of data? Our experts will visualize hard-to-read data in a way that is easy to digest. Pay for PowerPoint presentation, and we will use graphs, charts, and animation to entice your audience.

  • PowerPoint design

    Want compelling slides for your business report, research findings, or investor pitch? Send the information and your speech text, and a presentation writer will visualize the key points. You will get custom-designed slides with text, images, and graphs that illustrate your ideas.

    Presentation redesign

    Not happy with your current slide design? Our presentation wizards can completely transform your slides, adding a creative custom design and improving the formatting. We will save the original content of your slides.

Our process

Our PowerPoint presentation writing service is fully remote - order today in five minutes:

  • Step 1. Place an order

    Fill out the order form, specifying the number of PowerPoint slides you need, the deadline, and other details. Upload the materials the writer needs to use and references, if any.

  • Step 2. We assign a writer

    We choose a presentation maker who has experience with your topic and industry to work on your project. Once the writer is assigned, you can talk to them in a messenger.

  • Step 3. Download your finished presentation

    We will deliver your finalized presentation and other visual materials before the deadline. You have two weeks to ask for a revision if needed.

  • Step 4. Leave feedback

    Rate your writer's work and leave your comments so we can further improve our services for you :)


What our customers say

  • Riley, San Francisco

    "I am very happy with the services this company provides. They offer direct communication with the writer and deliver orders on time. I ordered all presentations for college here as the content and design were great. I recommend this website to everyone, as they are super fast and reliable."

  • John, Houston

    "Working with CPS was a game-changer for our startup. They have developed a captivating brand story and helped present a business plan for investors. Everyone was impressed with our slides and we managed to raise funding for our business. Can't thank you enough!"

  • Aisha, Washington

    "This website has the best presentation writers ever. They deliver agency-quality design at a low price. The support team is always on chat and very friendly. As a Master's student, I don't always have time for papers and presentations. I outsource projects to them, and they never disappoint me."

How do we make your PowerPoint presentations shine?

  • 100% customized service

    We customize our presentation writing service for every customer. Each presentation design content is unique, as our human designers develop slides from scratch. We may use templates at some point, but we customize colors, fonts, and formatting. We can develop custom icons, images, and other graphics so that your presentation is one of a kind.

    Whether you need ten slides for high school or a multi-page presentation with analytics and case studies, we are on it. With an extensive team of designers and writers, we can execute your project of any complexity.

    Collaborative approach

    We believe that effective communication is the key to creating presentations that exceed expectations. On our website, you can directly collaborate with your presentation writer using our messenger.

    Discuss the particular concept, your expectations, and what you'd like to include in slides, and the writer will take all the guidelines into account. Usually, our professional writers respond in 20 minutes during business hours. You can also chat with us to get an instant response.

  • Talented design wizards

    We have put together a team of skilled designers who can create a custom presentation on any subject. Our experts are trained in design principles, visual storytelling, and color theory, and have advanced writing skills.

    Whether you need a business presentation, sales deck, academic slides, or informative presentation, our presentation makers will take care of everything. We develop presentation text and use royalty-free high-quality images, custom graphics, and transitions to present your ideas in a compelling way.

    Written with your audience in mind

    When you create a PowerPoint presentation for a professional audience, students, the general public, or a specific group of prospects, the presentation content will be different.

    Our PowerPoint presentation services will speak the language of your target audience. We will analyze the demographics, interests, and goals of your audience to adapt the tone of voice, metaphors, and content so that it effectively delivers your ideas to listeners.

Work with the best professional presentation writer

  • At CPS, we have seasoned presentation experts in any field. We create slides for students at any academic level, professionals, and businesses. Our presentation writing services pick writers thoroughly - we test each applicant's research skills, design knowledge, and customer service skills.

    We employ experts in all academic fields, from Business, Psychology, and English Literature to Biology, Information Technology, and Engineering. Thus, you will work with a skilled expert in your industry who can prepare an attention grabbing presentation for your sphere.

    Presentation writing features we offer:

    • slides created based on your professor's requirement or brand guidelines;
    • original presentation content created according to your requirements;
    • effective data visualization through graphs, charts, tables, and animation so that numbers are easy to understand;
    • royalty-free images and custom pictures;
    • professional formatting, alignment, and fonts so that the presentation makes a great impression;
    • custom icons, infographics, slide transitions, and animation;
    • we use only reliable sources, such as internal and external reports, statistics, surveys, and academic journals;
    • data analysis, research, custom icons and graphics, and speaker notes upon request.

Other academic tasks we can help you with

In addition to presentation writing services, our writers can help with a range of academic tasks including:

    • research papers
    • creative essays
    • homework assignments
    • dissertations
    • business plans
    • case studies
    • admissions essays
    • book reviews, and more.

Our in-house experts follow your exact specifications and deliver original papers. We combine an analytical approach with fresh ideas and creative spirit. Outsource your complex papers to an expert, relieve yourself from stress and get more personal time!

Our PowerPoint presentation services are reasonably priced

  • We offer "write my PowerPoint presentation" services at a pocket-friendly price that every customer can afford. We have a system of presentation packages, thus, you can choose a suitable level of service for your situation:

    • Standard package for everyday presentations and college projects;
    • Premium package for professional presentations that require additional customization - for example, you can order custom icons, design elements, and images;
    • Platinum package for super important projects that require in-depth data analysis and visualization - for example, investor pitch decks.
  • With us, you will not overpay for PowerPoint presentations again as you only pay for the features you need. If your presentation requires texts, simple charts, and images only, it'll cost you less than if you need additional data analysis and custom template development. If you need to proofread and improve formatting in a current presentation, it will be even cheaper. No matter the package, we guarantee visually appealing design and easy-to-understand slide content.

    For all presentations, we have a money-back guarantee. If we fail to deliver your slides on time, or your presentation is completely off-topic, we will refund your money as per our Terms. And if your prof requires original presentation content, we can attach a plagiarism report proving that the text is unique.

What are the principles of effective PowerPoint presentation writing?

Developing an effective presentation for any audience is based on certain principles. If you plan to create PowerPoint slides and deliver a presentation persuasively, take the following steps:

  • Focus on your audience

    Before you dive into design, understand the target audience of your presentation and their needs. Will you deliver the speech to your peers, a group of professionals, or a general audience? What knowledge do they have about the topic and what their interests are? Do you intend to educate them, entertain, persuade to buy something, or inspire? Answering these questions beforehand will help you craft a presentation that resonates with the listeners.

    Deliver one message at a time

    Make sure that your presentation focuses on one main idea and presents it convincingly. If you choose a generic topic or jump from one topic to another, you will struggle to keep the audience's attention. So, focus on a specific subject and delve deep into it, providing your listeners with facts, insights, or advice.

    Start strongly

    As a speaker, you need to captivate the attention of the crowd from the very beginning. Use a strong opener, such as a shocking statistic, a personal story, a what-if situation, or a joke. An interesting or curious fact will catch their attention, and people will be more receptive to your information and insights. Introduce your topic, show people what to expect so they will make it through the end.

    Do not use text-heavy slides

    If your slides have too much text, the readers will get distracted from your speech to read it. The best strategy is to use up to 40 words per slide to summarize your key ideas. Use bullet points or short sentences that are easy to read. Keep the font size to 30 pts or more for the convenience of your audience.

  • Use consistent design and formatting

    Maintain consistency in templates, color schemes, fonts, and image styles. If all slides have different formatting, people will get distracted by formatting and stop paying attention to your presentation content. Moreover, inconsistent formatting makes an unprofessional impression. Make sure that the alignment and look of your slides are consistent as well.

    Visualize complex data

    If your presentation uses a lot of data, visualize it in an easy-to-digest way. Do not overload the reader with tables and lots of numbers. Use pie charts, graphs, and area charts to communicate important figures and statistics. Balance the use of text and images, ensuring that the visuals enhance and support your speech.

    Add high-quality visuals to enhance your message. High-resolution images, videos, and graphics will entice the audience and help them understand the key concepts better.

    Offer clear takeaways

    End your presentation with a summary that reiterates your main points. Provide the audience with clear takeaways: a call to action, strategies they can use on a daily basis, or inspire them to learn more about the topic at hand. Align the takeaways with the purpose of your presentation.

    Practice the delivery

    After you finalize and polish your presentation, rehearse the delivery in front of the mirror or a trusted friend. Pay attention to the tone of voice, speed of delivery, body language, and eye contact. Rehearse until you speak confidently.

    Our PowerPoint experts use cutting-edge strategies and design principles to create slides that boast insightful content and beautiful formatting. Try our services today - order your first presentation with a special welcome discount!


Can I pay for a PowerPoint presentation?

If you are overwhelmed by presentations, pay a PowerPoint expert who will create a dynamic presentation according to your specifications. Our website has experts in multiple industries who can build an engaging presentation for any purpose, saving you time and helping achieve your goals.

Do you guarantee confidentiality?

Our company keeps all client information confidential, including your personal details. We do not share or publish details about our customers with third parties, so you can use our services confidently.

Can I see samples before ordering?

Contact us on chat, and we will gladly provide you with samples of work we've done for previous clients. Keep in mind that we will develop a unique presentation design and content for you.