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Why choose our plagiarism checker?

To be confident that you are turning in a non-plagiarized essay or presenting original PPT slides, send your paper to us for a quick check. Here's what makes us better than any online plagiarism-checking tools:

    • 1,000,000+ papers checked successfully
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  • Quick turnaround

    Send us your academic paper or PowerPoint slides. We will return the checked text in minutes so that you won't miss the deadline. Achieve professional or academic success easily with us.

  • Premium plagiarism detection software

    We use Copyscape Premium software that is more powerful than free plagiarism checkers. It meticulously finds similarities across the web, including academic papers, books, and more.

  • Precise result

    You will receive a detailed report showing how much of your content is copied with underlined plagiarized text. Fix it and turn in a plagiarism-free essay.

  • Improve your text

    Thinking that your PPT slides or essay could be improved? Our in-house writers can edit, format and check your paper for a flawless result. We also offer an essay writing service and deliver plagiarism-free work.

Online and free plagiarism checker for everyone

For students

Worried that your research paper has plagiarism in it? Check your assignment on our website to ensure non-plagiarized essay writing and avoid any troubles with your professor.

For professionals

Avoid repetitional risks and potential losses for the business because of plagiarized content in your presentations. We make sure that each PPT presentation is unique and shows your own ideas.

For teachers

Check papers written by students on our website. We use advanced software that finds similarities where free online checkers find nothing.

For websites

Original website content can improve your SERP rankings and grow traffic to your website. We can check your web page content, blog articles, and more for originality to help your website grow.

Why plagiarism is a serious concern?

The term plagiarism means passing off someone else's work as your own. Copying a few paragraphs in your essay or several slides might seem like not a big deal. However, it has serious consequences.

For students, turning in plagiarized essays or presentations can result in a failed grade or the entire course. Plagiarism is not acceptable in academic essay writing. Using copied text in essays or research papers is considered academic dishonesty and can spoil both your grade and your reputation as a researcher.

These consequences apply even when a student plagiarizes unknowingly, for example, if you forgot to cite the original source or didn't paraphrase properly. You are expected to turn in non-plagiarized essays every time to maintain good grades.

For professionals, using plagiarized slides can result in damaged reputation. In the business world, PPT presentations are used to obtain funding, present new ideas to management, or get an approval for your project.

To achieve business goals, you need to use your own words and original ideas. Presenting plagiarized content in front of government officials or partners can undermine the company's reputation and have bad consequences for your career.

So, what is the solution? Check your papers for plagiarism every time before submitting them. Use an accurate plagiarism checker to have a smooth academic journey and avoid problems associated with copied content.

For the best result, send your essay or PowerPoint slides to us.

We will show what to correct in your plagiarized essay to make it original. Plus, you will get overall recommendations on how to strengthen your assignment to get an A!

Check your PowerPoint for plagiarism

Our company can check your PPT slides for plagiarism. We use advance plagiarism checking software to identify any similarities across the internet.

We will check the content of your slides for plagiarism and provide you with a report that shows copied content, if any. Thus, you will be able to paraphrase and update the text on your slides so that everything is original.

Need compelling slides for college or a business presentation? We can develop your presentation content from scratch as well. A dedicated presentation maker will analyze your requirement, research the topic, and develop original, attention-grabbing slides. Chat with us to learn more or get a free quote.

How to get your PPT or essay checked?

Checking your essays, presentations, or term papers takes a few minutes. Here's how to get started.

1. Upload your file

Sign up (takes 2 minutes only) and send us the paper or a PPT file you'd like to check for plagiarism.

2. Our expert checks everything

A customer support manager runs a plagiarism check on Copyscape Premium software. We use state-of-the-art paid checker for a super detailed and precise result.

In addition to plagiarism check, we can recommend editing and proofreading services to strengthen your content and ensure error-free writing.

3. Download a report

That's it! Download a detailed plagiarism report that shows your percentage of plagiarism and highlights what you need to paraphrase.

Please note that if you order an essay writing service on our site, we will check the written paper and send a plagiarism report with your order.

How to write non-plagiarized essays?

Even if you did not plan to copy and paste content in your essay, you may plagiarize even without knowing it. Use the following tips to write plagiarism-free essays for academic world:

Learn the citation standards

Familiarize yourself with academic citation style guides, such as MLA, APA, Harvard, or else. Learn how to cite sources you've used and double-check all citations in the written paper. Understand the difference between direct and indirect citations, and how to reference each (note - paraphrasing someone else's work without citation counts as plagiarism too).

By understanding the citation rules, you will reference the sources accurately and avoid any problems with plagiarism.

Take the time to research

Writing strong, plagiarism-free essays requires in-depth analysis of the topic at hand. So, look for credible sources on your topic, take detailed notes, and write down the author's name and page. By using this approach, you will understand your topic better and will not forget where you have taken certain ideas. Thus, you will give credit to original work where plagiarism is off the table and prepare an insightful essay.

Use a creative approach

Do not just repeat what other researchers have said about your topic. Study the opinions and interpretations of your subject and the most common viewpoints. Use these findings to come up with an original argument that shows your viewpoints. Infuse the paper with your own thoughts and insights.

By integrating your original ideas and showing the evidence, you will develop a strong essay that will be different from other papers.

Do not copy and paste

Avoid copying information from articles or the internet in your essay. A simple plagiarism check in your college will reveal everything and lead to unpleasant consequences. You may use direct quotes of other researchers, but use them thoughtfully and cite each phrase you use.

Instead of copying, try reading more materials on your topic and absorb the meaning of the text, and then paraphrasing it.

Be careful with AI tools

Today, many students turn to AI helpers to write their essays. However, there is no guarantee that the Chat GPT or another tool will provide you with free non-plagiarized essays. AI-generated text often contain plagiarism, moreover, there are online tools that can reveal that you've used AI. You may use these tools for research, but not to write your paper from scratch.

Check your writing for plagiarism

As you've finalized your paper, consider running it through plagiarism detection software. A good checker will reveal any unintentional instances of plagiarism and help you correct them. Thus, you will be confident that you are turning an original essay in college.

Our company can check any text for you, providing you with a detailed report plus personalized recommendations from our expert about what to improve in your text. Try us today, send your text for a quick check!

Where can I get plagiarism-free essays?

Struggling to write an assignment that has zero plagiarism? Our writers are here to assist you. On our site, you can purchase non-plagiarized essays on any subject. We write each paper from scratch following your instructions precisely. As a result, you will receive a paper that is on-topic, meets all the directions of your professor, and is properly cited and referenced.

We use credible sources only: Our writers use reliable academic sources, such as textbooks, journal articles, monographs, statistics, and news. We carefully cite each source and add them to the bibliography list. With such an approach, we guarantee not only non-plagiarized essay writing, but also high-quality paper content.

No AI or pre-written content: Delivering non-plagiarized essay papers and slides is our motto. We don't use AI-generated content for essays, as it can have factual mistakes and plagiarism. We also don't use templates and create each paper from scratch so that it perfectly meets your instructions.

Direct contact with your writer: Keep in touch with your paper writer as they are working on your project. You can discuss your presentation or academic writing piece with them in detail using a messenger. Or, chat with a customer support team for an immediate response.

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How much is a non-plagiarized essay?

Our writers create original essays at a pocket-friendly cost. We realize the financial constraints that most students face, so our services are not overpriced. At the same time, we invest time and knowledge to create a well-written paper for every customer.

The price for academic writing starts at $21 per page. This fee involves writing your paper from scratch, unlimited communication with your writer, and free revisions for 14 days. We also provide free pages with each order: you can get a free title page, outline, references, and formatting.

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Our prices are not the lowest in the market, but think about this. Some online agencies offer essays at $10 per page. It is hardly possible to provide a quality work at such a low price, as experienced academic writers do not work for cheap. So, it is best not to risk your grade and order original essays from trusted companies.