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Our company creates mesmerizing PowerPoint presentations for small businesses, marketing managers, students, and educators. Get your message across and wow your audience with the help of a professional graphic designer who can turn your creative ideas into reality.

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Impress your target audience with a beautiful presentation design

  • Everyone can put together a PowerPoint presentation. However, DIY presentations aren't nearly as impressive as slides prepared by a professional designer. It takes visual communication and presentation skills, storytelling abilities, and design knowledge to create outstanding slides. Moreover, developing a PowerPoint presentation design is time-consuming, meaning that you will get distracted from other tasks and processes.

    Our company has been providing customized design solutions for 9+ years. From a college presentation on the future of green energy or a quarterly marketing report for senior management to a business plan presentation for investors and a research findings presentation in Economics, we can help with tasks of any complexity.

    We customize slide design for every customer, leveraging graphics, colors, and content to create persuasive presentations that win your target audience's hearts. Contact us today to get a free quote plus a personalized discount offer.

    We help with every type of PowerPoint presentation

    • corporate presentations
    • college presentation
    • research findings presentation
    • educational materials
    • investor pitch decks
    • business presentation design
    • marketing presentations
    • sales presentations
    • case studies
    • yearly reports, and more.

    We use any presentation software and tools

    • MS PowerPoint
    • Keynote presentations
    • Google Slides
    • Prezi, and other presentation software.

    Our team takes the time to understand your requirements and determine a creative direction for your presentation. We work on everything, from content creation and data visualization to formatting a presentation, choosing fonts, and even designing custom graphics. Contact us to turn your boring reports into a compelling narrative and visually explain your key messages.

Why choose our presentation design services?

Choosing the right presentation design agency can be challenging. Check the advantages that our company offers to every customer:

  • Custom presentation design

    Unlike many presentation design agencies, we develop custom presentation design and content for every customer. We analyze your project, business, and marketing materials to develop a great visual solution. We may use templates at some point, but the result will be 100% one of its kind.

  • One-on-one collaboration

    Our presentation design service matches you with an expert who knows your industry. Work one-on-one with your assigned presentation designer and discuss the design style and other details. An expert works on your presentation until you are satisfied - free revisions are available. You can contact our PowerPoint design agency 24/7 using live chat to check the order status or ask questions.

  • Money-back guarantee

    Our company guarantees safe and reliable cooperation. We guarantee timely delivery of your presentation project, otherwise, you can claim a refund according to our Terms of Use. Our graphic design experts have rich experience in crafting presentations for different audiences and situations, so we will surely deliver creative solutions that match your expectations.

  • Legal presentation services

    Our presentation design agency follows the intellectual properly laws. We either create images and customized icons ourselves or rely on resources that offer legal images for commercial use. Our services are legit, so you can order professional presentations without hesitation.

We make your presentations shine

We design presentations from scratch and improve the existing ones - here are the services we offer:

  • Presentation from scratch

    Our expert creates PowerPoint presentation designs from scratch following your requirements. We develop templates, write text, and include graphic elements to create a visually appealing presentation that impresses your target audience.

  • Data analysis and research

    Need a presentation from scratch? Our specialists research your topic, analyze and visualize complex data, and create content for your presentation. After that, graphic designers visualize everything. We research your subject area thoroughly, highlighting the key ideas and emphasizing meaningful conclusions.

  • Presentation redesign

    Need to polish the existing presentation? As your trusted presentation partner, we will change design, fonts, and alignment in your presentation to emphasize your brand identity, help you boost sales or achieve other goals with effective, persuasive design.

How it works

Whether you are a student, a business owner, or a marketing manager, our services are simple to use:

  • Step 1. Share your vision

    Share the instructions for your presentation, such as the number of slides, your target audience, and your preferences. Upload any files that we will need to use when creating slides.

  • Step 2. Match with a presentation designer

    Our customer support manager connects you with a PowerPoint expert. They will work one-on-one with you to understand your requirements and create graphic solutions that reflect your business goals, tone of voice, and brand values.

  • Step 3. Get your final presentation

    Download the ready presentation and review it. You have 14 days to ask for free revisions and corrections until you are totally satisfied.


How to create an impressive PowerPoint presentation?

Wondering what does it take to create great slides? Here are the tips from our PowerPoint designers that you can follow to draft a good presentation on your own:

  • Formulate the presentation topic

    If you have the freedom to choose the topic, use a narrow one to give your audience specific information or to provide a solution to a problem. Make sure that the topic is relevant to your audience's interests and goals.

    Define your goals

    Before you start developing the presentation design, clarify the purpose of your presentation in the first place. What would you like to achieve by the end of your speech? Understanding your goals will help you shape the content, and the tone of voice, and eventually create presentations that keep the audience engaged.

    Ask yourself, "What would I like the audience to do?" The answer should be specific, for example, to convince them to adopt a new green habit, to persuade the investors that your business idea is viable, or to inspire people to buy a new smartphone model. The more specific details you provide, the higher the chance that the presentation will help you reach your goals.

    Plan the content structure

    Outline the main points you'd like to cover in your presentation and maintain the logical structure. Do not overload the slides with much information - focus on the main points you'd like the audience to remember. This will help digest the presentation content more easily.

    Implement the storytelling techniques as well: speak through case studies and examples, and add curious statistics. Create motivation to listen to the end of your presentation by telling people what they will learn or receive.

    Speak through examples

    If your presentation is complex, with a lot of data, statistics, and facts, liven it up by using examples. You may tell a life story, use a character to explain the main idea, or illustrate how to use your presentation findings in real life.

    Alternate text and graphics on slides

    Any presentation design agency will tell you that presentations with text only are boring. So are the presentations that only have pictures or graphs. Your slides should look balanced, therefore, you need to alternate slides with statistics and text with slides that contain images or videos. This will help you keep the audience focused.

    Think through the visual design

    When creating a PowerPoint presentation or Google Slides, think about color schemes and fonts you'd like to use. Make sure that your text is easy to read.

  • You may use templates the software offers, but be sure to customize the use of color and design elements based on your company's brand guidelines and the purpose of the presentation.

    Incorporate relevant visuals, such as images, charts, graphs, and videos to better get your message across. Avoid cluttering information on slides and use white space to guide the audience's attention.

    Use little text

    Presentation designers recommend that you use no more than 30 words per slide. Otherwise, the audience will distract from your words to read what's written on the screen. Use bulleted lists and write in key phrases rather than sentences, and remember that slides should complement your words. Set the font size to 24 pts or more so that the text is comfortable to read.

    Maintain consistency

    Your slides shouldn't look like they were taken from different presentations. Ensure the consistency in formatting, templates, colors, and alignment to keep your presentation visually appealing. Such attention to detail will help you create a professional presentation and reinforce your message. Plus, the audience will not get distracted by poor formatting.

    Tell what to do next

    As a rule, presentations end with a QandA session. This is a common practice. The worst part is, you leave your target audience with their thoughts. However, there's a better approach.

    End your presentation with a call to action or step-by-step instructions on what to do next. You can reiterate the conclusions again, underline the main thesis, or encourage people to learn more information on the subject.

    Edit and proofread

    Check the presentation content to correct all grammar, punctuation, and stylistic mistakes. Do a fact check so that all numbers and names in your presentation are accurate. This is essential to make a professional impression and avoid confusion.

    As one of the best presentation design agencies, we follow these steps and more to develop effective visuals and enhance your brand through storytelling. Tell us about your goals, target audience, and your expectations, and let us develop bright presentations that deliver tangible results. Contact us to discuss your project today!