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We visualize your ideas by using the magic of PowerPoint, artistic talents, and intellectual power. Extend your potential with us. Our slides make an impact!

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Professional PowerPoint services

When words are not enough to convey your thoughts, just show them. Our team is here to come up with bright, bold, and well-thought-out presentations for your projects.

  • Presentations for study and research

    • Informative slides
    • Focus on your findings
    • Meeting academic standards
  • Presentations for business

    • Clear and compelling slides
    • Call-to-action techniques
    • Understanding of your target audience
  • Presentations for personal projects

    • Highlighting your ideas
    • Insightful slides
    • Meeting your individual requirements

Presentation design services: Our advantages

Impactful slides from our experts significantly improve your oral report or any other type of presentation. We know everything about the visual form, and we are willing to apply this knowledge to your orders.

  • Combination of professionalism and talents

    Effective PowerPoint presentation services often result from a vivid imagination. Yet we do not rely on creativity only and develop expertise too. By combining professional knowledge and encouraging inspiration, we create the design helping to reach your goals.

  • Personalized approach

    We take every presentation as a one-of-a-kind project. There is no universal template for all orders, so our employees carefully examine every case. As a result, you receive a custom-designed solution meeting your special requirements. We consider all the details, including the page size, audience, corporate code, etc.

  • Good prices

    The cost of our PowerPoint presentation services is not the lowest one on the market. Meanwhile, it is the minimal possible price for decent quality, reliable support, and safe cooperation. We've decided to deliver design solutions at affordable prices as we follow principles of fairness in business and life, as a whole.

  • The strong team of designers

    People are the driving force of our business. Their talents, skills, and energy underlie your successful presentations. Due to these dedicated employees, our entire corporation reaches big results too. We invest a lot in the motivation and teaching our staff. Our team members regularly attend graphic design courses and other training programs, and it always pays off.

Focus on your ideas instead of wasting time on slides. We are here to craft your brilliant presentations!

Our Mission

We believe that visual images can add significant value to any project. The aim of our online agency is to craft slides contributing to clients' success.

  • 986+

    awesome presentations in our portfolio

  • 5+

    years devoted to professional design

  • 1109+

    clients have appreciated our presentations

Custom PowerPoint presentations: Solid guarantees

The reliability of our company is proven by thousands of our successful projects. We have been working hard to earn our good name and we are not going to lose this reputation. In order to create good relations with clients, we have foreseen a strong system of guarantees.

  • Full compliance with your requirements

    Your cooperation with our agency is protected by the satisfaction guarantee. It means that if we break any points of your order, you can receive a refund. It deals with the quality, deadline, and other aspects of the presentation design services.

  • We are always available on the web

    The team of our presentation designers and support managers work day and night to reply to all your questions. The customer is free to get in touch with the representative of our service at any time. Thus, you will definitely feel the convenience of our portal.

  • No missed deadlines

    The PowerPoint presentation tends to be the final part of the project, and the customer is usually short in time for it. That is why we focus on timeliness. Our professional background is enough to work fast without compromising the quality.

  • Uniqueness

    We never copy others' materials, and craft every project from scratch. It is a matter of our respect for intellectual property, academic standards, and business ethics. Be it PowerPoint design or content of the slides, we do it on our own.

Let your ideas look clear and compelling. Try our presentation services.

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How our design team works

Striving to meet and exceed your expectations, we have established an effective internal system of work. The perfect-quality presentation from our team is the embodiment of analytical effort, vivid imagination, and impeccable logic.

  • design girl
  • 1 Analysis of your order

    It all begins with the understanding of your purposes and expectations. Depending on the specifics of the assignment, our assistants consider:

    • your industry,
    • the corporate culture of your company (or academic rules of your college),
    • the goal of the presentation (informative, persuasive, demonstration of the solution, explanation, teaching, etc.).

    2 Development of the conception

    Our designers have enough imagination and professional skills to come up with effective ideas for your project. We think through every slide and the presentation as a whole. At this stage, our team has to create a plan for further work.

  • design girl
  • 3 Embodiment of the idea

    For our slides, we use terms that are clear to the customer, his/her listeners, and readers. The same can be said about visual objects. Every detail of the PowerPoint presentation is well-thought-out:

    • icon stylistic nuances,
    • the font of the text,
    • the length of the slide show video,
    • page size and the number of slides, etc.

    Our specialist pays precise attention to the unique manner of presentation. We can use a template in our work; still, we always adjust it to the client's case.

    4 Quality control

    Since our company cares about its reputation, we always double-check documents before sending them to the client. The manager monitors the quality and turnaround time of our presentation services. He/she compares customers' demands and the final file. If something is wrong, our team edits slides. Once the results of the work are approved, support managers deliver them to the client.

    An insightful presentation improves your reputation. Trust our experts. Order here

What you receive from our PPT designers

Our designers have enough imagination and professional skills to come up with effective ideas for your project. We think through every slide and the presentation as a whole. At this stage, our team has to create a plan for further work.

The opportunities of our service

The biggest number of examples in our portfolio are devoted to college and university projects. We are glad to see a lot of learners among our customers. It is a pleasure for us to invent designs for reports in the sphere of education, research, and study.

  • PowerPoint presentation designs for students and aspiring scientists

    • Our slides can become a harmonious addition to your oral report or writing assignment. Besides, our PowerPoint presentation can be taken as an individual project.

      • English and foreign literature
      • Global economy,
      • Linguistics,
      • Leading technologies,
    • Our employees specialize practically in all academic disciplines (including life science). And our favorite spheres are the following:

      • Psychology,
      • Marketing,
      • History.
  • PowerPoint Presentations for your job

    • We deliver a significant number of slides and other documents to people connected with business. Young startuppers and professional businessmen order our assistance to present their ideas and call their audience to action.

      Our website has established itself as an expert in design services for such documents:

      • a pitch deck (images are more effective than words when it deals with brief oral reports);
      • a presentation of your brand (we pick the best images and arguments to create positive vibes around the story of your company);
      • a business plan (our assistants know how to demonstrate the effectiveness of your ideas);
      • a marketing report (our experts turn dull figures and numbers into an evocative slide show);
      • sales report (our assistants think through the icon for every figure on the slide so that to present your results in the best possible light).
    • PowerPoint presentation is an effective instrument to

      • inform customers about your services and goods,
      • motivate people to use your products,
      • explain why your ideas are worth investing in.
  • PowerPoint presentation design for training programs

    • For now, coaching is getting very popular. Be it your own venture or the part of your job, our services can become extremely helpful.

      We have already worked with such niches as:

      • online sports training programs,
      • a personal story of success,
      • online courses on content marketing,
      • training on Google analytics,
      • courses on video editing, etc.
    • Every presentation design by our specialist is a one-of-kind demonstration of your facts and thoughts. Our pieces of work are all so different and, meantime, they always meet your expectations.

      Whether you require slides for your pitch deck, research report, or startup, we can do them with skill. The top-notch quality of our service is due to:

      • reliable data we use for slides,
      • a creative approach to the presentation design,
      • thoroughly selected informative content,
      • text free from grammar mistakes,
      • slides understandable for your audience,
      • the same style for every page, icon, etc.

How our design team works

The representatives of our services are guided by the inner code of conduct and rules of work.

  • Freedom of creativity within borders of the discipline

    We are not aimed to restrict the free imagination of our dedicated employees. Obviously, this talent is significant for the design service. On the other hand, we realize the importance of standards and individual requirements; let alone time frames. Our company has managed to find a balance between strong discipline and creative chaos.

  • Inner enthusiasm and passion for design

    Our dedicated professionals are interested in the high results of their work. They like what they do, and they strive to grow professionally. Every PowerPoint presentation contributes to their successful careers. This approach is leading us to constructive decisions, and thousands of good examples prove this fact.

  • The software we use for our design service

    PowerPoint is not the only tool we use. It happens that the presentation requires difficult images, special effects, and non-standard ideas. So, we also work with:

    • Google slides
    • Figma
    • Photoshop
  • Our slides are not restricted to simple tables and pictures. The PowerPoint presentation services can also include:

    • infographics,
    • graphic design,
    • animated objects (simple video),
    • web design.

How much does it cost to order our PowerPoint presentation?

We are one of few companies that do not overcharge their services. The price you pay for the presentation reflects the effort and time we spend on it. The cost of our assistance depends on the following factors.

  • The volume of work

    Of course, the presentation for the pitch deck costs more than slides for a simple college assignment. For the first case, we have to analyze more information and prepare a bigger number of files.

  • The deadline

    The representatives of our enterprise are online 24 hours a day to cope with the shortest time frames. The urgent presentation (24 hours) costs more than common orders (2,3, and more days).

  • Specific preferences

    If you require a non-standard presentation discuss it individually with our managers. Besides, we offer some free services to our customers (professional editing, online consultations).

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Your awesome PowerPoint design is four steps away

  • It might seem that several slides are easy to make, yet it is often a misconception. You have to analyze your materials, pick the most valuable information, sweat over pictures and tables, etc. Composing a good presentation can take you several hours or even days.

  • And if you are new to this, you might require additional effort to learn the opportunities of PowerPoint and other software. Our enterprise offers to do it all for you. We have a bunch of unique templates and fresh ideas for your projects. Let experts do their job.

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    We want our customers to feel safe when cooperating with us. That is why we use only vetted financial systems for transactions (i.e. PayPal).

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    Formulate your order

    Our Form is user-friendly so that you could easily pick the necessary point, download your files, and describe additional requirements.

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    Check your inbox and download ready-made files

    Our team always strives to minimize the turnaround time and deliver your presentation in the shortest possible time.

If you experience difficulties at any step, please, turn to our support manager. We've established an uninterrupted communication process to discuss details promptly. By doing so, we timely negotiate issues and find fast and effective solutions.

Our presentations take your ideas to a new level. Composed by true experts precisely for your case, they bring tangible results. Try today to see it in practice. Let's discuss your order!