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Need an impressive presentation design for college, work, or potential investors and clients? Our talented graphic designers create custom presentation solutions for businesses and individuals. We create engaging presentations that get your message across and resonate with your target audience, helping you reach your goals.

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Why hire our presentation designers?

Our company has talented PowerPoint designers who complete presentation projects for every industry. Here is why our customers choose us:

  • Custom presentations

    We create the presentation design and content individually for each client. Our presentation design company follows your instructions and brand guidelines so that the presentation is attention-grabbing, informative, and serves your goals.

  • In-house experts

    With a team of 90+ PowerPoint presentation designers and professional writers, we can complete projects of any complexity. Whether you need ten slides for college or a well-researched PowerPoint presentation for an industry conference, we're on it.

  • Satisfaction guarantee

    Our presentation company offers unlimited revisions for 14 days. If you're not happy with the first draft, we will update the PowerPoint design according to your wishes for free. Your graphic design specialist keeps working until you are completely satisfied.

  • Quick delivery

    Unlike other freelance PowerPoint designers, we offer expedited delivery if you're in a rush. We can deliver the ready presentation in 12 hours. Our presentation makers work quickly without compromising on the quality.

  • 100% confidential

    Your private information is safe with us. Our presentation design service doesn't store or publish any information about our customers, and all our presentation designers sign NDAs. Payments are secure as we use a special encryption system.

  • Caring customer support

    We work with customers from different time zones and are online 24/7 for your convenience. Chat with us anytime to get a free consultation or place an order, and we will start implementing your project right away.

Outsource your presentations to a professional graphic designer

  • Creating a compelling PowerPoint presentation is a challenge if you don't have graphic design skills. You may use one of the templates the software offers, but in this case, your presentation will look like everyone else's. With a dull presentation design, you are less likely to impress the prospects, present your business in a good light, or persuade a professor that your research deserves a top grade.

    A freelance PowerPoint designer can prepare beautiful slides that present the main ideas persuasively and compel your target audience. Whether you are a student, a professional, or a business owner, we will develop a customized design and content for your specific situation and target audience. Our PowerPoint designer will leverage visual storytelling techniques, composition rules, and visual aids for a perfect visual impression. Your presentation maker works one-on-one with you until the presentation is perfect. Here's what you can count on:

    • High-quality presentations - whether you need slides for business, training programs, or academic context, we will develop persuasive content and bright design to impress the audience.
    • Quick turnaround time - unlike other freelance PowerPoint designer services, we let you choose the deadline and guarantee that you will deliver the ready slides on time.
    • In-depth analysis - if your speech involves a lot of data, our PowerPoint designer will structure and organize it in a way that your target audience can understand.
    • All presentation types - you can order PowerPoint design services, Google Slides, or Prezi presentations, whatever works better for your business or personal needs.

Types of presentations we create:

  • Sales presentations
  • Client pitch decks
  • PowerPoint templates
  • Educational presentations
  • New product launch
  • Financial reports
  • Informative presentations
  • Investor reports
  • Research findings
  • College slides, and more.

Our process

On our website, you can outsource your work to a PowerPoint presentation designer in minutes. The process is quick for your convenience:

  • Step 1. Share your vision

    Upload the presentation materials (such as the text of your speech, a report you need to visualize, etc.). Tell us about your vision and the details of your project - how many slides you need, the deadline, whether you need slides from scratch or redesign, etc.

  • Step 2. Proceed with payment

    Pay for presentation design services using a convenient payment method. All payments are secure. We offer a full money back guarantee in case of non-delivery.

  • Step 3. Get matched with a designer

    We connect you with a PowerPoint presentation designer whose skills match your project best. While your professional presentation is being prepared, you can talk directly to your presentation maker using our messaging system.

  • Step 4. Download your presentation

    Once your PowerPoint design is ready, we will send an email notification. Review your slides and ask for a free revision if necessary.


What our clients say

  • Sarah K., New York

    "Amazing work! I ordered a sales presentation for our clients and it impressed everyone. The writer transformed complex data into attention-grabbing, engaging slides about our new products. They used a unique creative template and revised the slides twice until our marketing manager was satisfied. Their level of commitment to client success is just unmatched, so I can confidently recommend them to all businesses in the cosmetics industry."

  • Mia W., Austin

    "I ordered PowerPoint presentations for my college projects twice. Custom Presentation Services exceeded expectations every time by presenting my ideas in simple words. They also used custom graphics to illustrate the findings. The price is super affordable, and my designer was always in touch and took all my wishes into account."

  • Gary G., Canada

    "I can't thank this company enough for persuasive presentations for our training programs. They have developed content-rich, informative slides for employee onboarding in our company. Their presentation experts have shown unmatched professionalism by following our brand guidelines and tone of voice. With these brand-new presentations, we reduced employee turnover. Thanks a lot!"

Our advantages

  • Meaningful findings

    We create more than just beautiful slides. Your PowerPoint presentation designer will transform your data or research findings into graphs, charts, and images which are easy to digest. We use an analytical approach to identify the most important and relevant facts and present them persuasively, reinforcing the key message of your speech. We will communicate the details about your company, products, or research to help you meet your goals.

  • Attractive presentation

    Our presentation makers have a knack for design. We have experts in visual communication and storytelling who can turn even a boring sales or marketing report into a compelling narrative. We are equally good at visualizing large chunks of data, research outcomes, investment strategies, product features, and abstract concepts. Our designers leverage the power of colors, shapes, and icons to make a stellar impression on your readers and keep the audience engaged.

  • Collaborative process

    We believe that prompt, efficient cooperation is a must for effective design development. Once you place an order, we match you with a presentation maker. Discuss your presentation project with them to determine creative direction, choose the optimal style, structure, and more. Tell your designer more specific details, such as your vision, expectations, brand identity and tone of voice, and other facts that might be helpful. This will help us better understand your expectations and create a presentation that works.

  • Truly customized designs

    Our company has not delivered two similar presentations. We create a custom presentation design and formatting for every customer so that the presentation meets your unique needs. We may use templates if it's appropriate, however, we customize them for each customer. Your dedicated designer collects information about your project and goes the extra mile to implement your vision. As a result of our cooperation, you will receive a presentation with a catchy design, engaging content, and an effective structure that serves your goal

We take care of every aspect of your presentation design

  • Our clients range from students who order a PPT presentation of 10 slides to businesses who outsource all presentations to us. Our team believes that there are no minor things when it comes to effective presentations. We work on design, formatting, and text to contribute to an overall impression about your company or your research. Your PowerPoint designer will pay special attention to:

    • theme and background
    • font type and size
    • images, icons, and other visual elements
    • graphs, charts, and data visualization
    • effective delivery of your message (i.e. logical flow of ideas, storytelling techniques, and more).

How much does it cost to hire a presentation designer?

  • With over a decade of experience in creating engaging presentations, we serve professionals and businesses in 65+ industries. Our company offers presentation design services at a customer-friendly price. Although our prices aren't the cheapest in the market, they are much lower compared to average agency prices.

    Our company offers three presentation packages: Standard, Premium, and Exclusive. The first one is the cheapest and recommended for college students and professionals who need ordinary presentations for the office.

  • If you want to impress investors, entice prospects, or present your brand identity at the conference, use one of the premium packages.

    We offer flexible prices for presentation development. If you order a presentation with a long deadline (for example, two weeks in advance), you can count on a lower price. First-time customers are also eligible for special discounts - chat with us to get your discount.

What are the secrets of creating great PowerPoint presentations?

If you are determined to create a presentation on your own, follow these best practices:

  • Avoid templates, if possible

    Many people use standard PPT templates. When you create a presentation for a conference or class, remember that other people might be using the same template. For example, if you prepare a sales pitch, the customer might associate the colors with the other company. Moreover, templates might not be suited for your purpose.

    It is best to create a design from scratch so that it is unique and reflects the essence of the presentation. However, there are exceptions - for example, if your company has a corporate template, you will need to use it.

    Use the same style for all slides

    Using different styles for one presentation is a common mistake. When design is inconsistent, your audience will perceive the material slower because they will be distracted by visuals. Thus, they will remember less from your presentations' content.

    Use the same background, style of headers, and text on all slides. Make sure that image styles and charts are consistent and leave a pleasant impression.

    Choose colors that spark emotions

    There are multiple studies that prove the effect of colors on how we perceive information. Warm colors, such as yellow and red, are associated with strong emotions and fun, but your listeners may get tired if you use them often. On the flip side, blue, green, and grey are relaxing and calm. They work great to communicate the feeling of calmness, safety, and stability.

    Think about how people will perceive your colors, and choose ones that communicate the right emotions.

    Pick contrasting colors

    For good presentation design, use one main color and two additional ones. Choose colors that match together, for example, complementary colors (the ones on the opposite sides of the color wheel).

  • Maintain contrast between text and background. The highest contrast is between white and black. If you use similar colors for the text and background, the text of the presentation will be difficult to read. Oppositely, if you use contrasting colors, the text will be easy to understand. You may even use unusual colors, as long as they are contrasting, if this is appropriate for the topic of your presentation and the context.

    If you will be delivering a presentation in good lighting, use a light background and dark font for better readability.

    Use up to three fonts

    If you use more than three fonts on one slide, it will look sloppy and poorly formatted. The best strategy is to use one font for headings and the second one for main text, emphasizing the main ideas in italics or bold. Avoid using all caps. Otherwise, your audience will be confused about what to pay attention to.

    For the best result, use ready font pairs, as such fonts are similar and will look harmonious.

    Use little text on slides

    If presentation slides are overloaded with text, the audience will focus on reading it and stop listening to the speaker. When creating presentations for public speaking, it is best to include information that illustrates and complements the speaker's words (such as charts, graphs, images, or else).

    When adding presentation text, keep it to 30-40 words per slide. Include the main ideas rather than repeating what you are saying. Use bulleted lists with square or round boxes, and diagrams for better readability.

    If you've read dozens of guides on how to make presentations but still struggle to create your own, turn to a freelance powerpoint designer. Our experts will help with your slides, leveraging their artistic vision and software knowledge to visualize your ideas and insights.