Top Presentation Companies To Outsource Your PowerPoint Presentations

Experts from a presentation design agency use storytelling techniques, compelling design, and industry knowledge to create persuasive presentations.

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  • For a great result, however, you need to choose a presentation design company wisely. It is necessary to determine the scope of work, your budget, and the skills of presentation designers to pick the right agency for your needs.

  • In this blog, we reviewed the most popular presentation design services, their value propositions, and what type of presentations they specialize in. You will find out the features, prices, and terms of cooperation, so keep reading to choose the best agency for your project.

The most popular presentation design services to outsource your project

1. CustomPresentationServices

  • CustomPresentationServices

    Deadline: Starting from 12 hours

    Cost: From $21 per slide

  • We have put our presentation design agency #1 on the list for a reason. For 11+ years, we have been developing business presentations, slides for students, sales presentations, and training presentations for clients in the US, Europe, and beyond. As a virtual presentation design service, we can offer much lower prices than most of our competitors while maintaining the same (or better) quality level.

    Our services include presentation design from scratch, research and data visualization, and redesign of your old presentation. We work with all types of presentation software, including Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, and more.

    We create custom presentation designs for every audience, following your guidelines and brand book. Our team also offers some amazing features you won't find with other presentation design agencies, such as customer support 24/7 and unlimited edits for 14 days after the delivery.

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2. 24Slides

  • 24Slides agency offers comprehensive presentation services, allowing clients to transform their ideas into impactful presentations. It is one of the largest presentation design companies with a team of 200+ professional designers. They offer specialized design services and emphasize the readiness to handle projects of varying complexity and deliver tailored solutions to clients.

    The company focuses on serving large companies and offers such features as a dedicated design team for $899/mo and dedicated enterprise solutions. They also use security measures to keep your data safe while emphasizing their commitment to delivering engaging and memorable presentations.

    The services offered include presentation polishing, or fix-up, a complete makeover of your presentation, also, their presentation experts can turn your sketches into slides.

  • CustomPresentationServices

    Deadline: From 24 hours

    Cost: From $11 per slide

3. BrightCarbon

  • CustomPresentationServices

    Deadline: 4 weeks

    Cost: $2500 for 10 slides

  • BrightCarbon is a presentation design agency that creates rich media presentations using visual storytelling techniques. It is one of the presentation design firms that emphasizes the message you'd like to get across. This agency offers impactful design solutions for marketing professionals, sales teams, and learning and development teams. By creating attractive sales and marketing presentations, they help businesses convert more prospects.

    Additionally, they offer advanced training in Google Slides and PowerPoint. They also deliver sales and presentation skills training to your teams.

    This agency emphasizes the importance of effective visuals for both sales presentations and eLearning. They offer a vast array of services, such as presentation creation from scratch, slide revamp, infographics, interactive PDFs, and business presentation design services.

4. Stinson Design

  • Stinson Design is another reputable presentation company offering innovative design solutions for a variety of businesses and industries. In addition to creating visually appealing designs, they focus on delivering a meaningful message. They offer a tailored and strategic approach to crafting presentations, including the analysis of the client's brand, and objectives and transforming them into compelling narrative and visual stories.

    They provide PowerPoint presentation design, Keynote presentations, design custom presentation templates for teams, and also offer content consulting services. You can have all your presentation needs covered here, and the agency works as your presentation partner. They work with enterprise businesses and individual clients.

    Stinson uses AI tools and the creativity of their human designers to create customized, meaningful sales, marketing, training, and leadership presentations that propel businesses forward.

  • CustomPresentationServices

    Deadline: Depends on the project

    Cost: N/A

5. SlideBean

  • CustomPresentationServices

    Deadline: Depends on the project

    Cost: From $399 for 10 slides

  • SlideBean is a presentation design agency focusing on creating comprehensive pitch decks for startups and established businesses. Their team of business analysts is ready to work with you to help predict your market size and develop the marketing strategy in addition to providing you with a persuasive presentation.

    In addition to creating your startup or corporate presentations, they also offer an AI-powered pitch deck builder so you can create beautiful, visually appealing presentations. They offer templates, various design features, and design tools to help build effective presentations without hiring a design service.

    Unlike other presentation design agencies, they offer analytical features to measure the success of your presentations. The company promises to deliver PowerPoint designs that help you stand out.

What can a presentation design agency help you with?

  • Quite often, the success of your presentation depends on how well your ideas are presented visually. Compelling informative slides that summarize your business value, explain the features of your product, persuade that your startup is a worthy investment, or emphasize the significance of your research can go a long way in impressing your audience and achieving your goals.

    Anyone can draft a PowerPoint presentation in a couple of hours. However, such a presentation is unlikely to compel a prospect or persuade the management to follow your ideas. This is when presentation design agencies come into play.

    Established presentation companies help at all stages of creating compelling visuals, from data analysis and research to data visualization and choosing effective templates, formatting, pictures, etc. You can turn to a presentation agency to order any slides, including:

    • corporate presentations
    • sales presentation
    • pitch decks
    • presentations for business meetings
    • training presentations
    • academic presentations
    • marketing presentations
    • slide design revamp
    • financial reports
    • research findings, and more.

How to choose the best presentation design company?

When choosing a team of presentation designers, you need to consider such factors as cost, expertise in your industry, and how fast they can prepare a presentation. Here are the factors to consider when outsourcing PowerPoint presentations:

  • Consider the specialization

    There are hundreds of presentation design companies and freelancers out there. You need to choose an agency that specializes in your type of presentation and knows your industry. For example, some companies specialize in sales pitch decks only, while others develop presentations for eLearning and academic purposes.

    Find out if the company has worked in your industry and understand the specifics of your presentation type, otherwise, you may be disappointed.

    Review their case studies and portfolio

    Many presentation design agencies have client reviews on their website or on external resources. Take a look at testimonials before you place an order. Find out what other customers say about the process, their design presentation skills, the cost, etc. If you are looking for a presentation design revamp, take a look at the "before and after" slides.

    Ask the company to provide a portfolio as well - this is a great way to understand their style and approach to work and decide whether their style appeals to you.

    Understand their process

    To find the right presentation design agency that you'll feel comfortable working with, ask about their collaboration process in advance. Different agencies have varying design processes.

    Choose a company that offers a collaborative approach and enables you to discuss the project directly with your designer. Thus, they'll better understand your needs and create impactful presentations that help achieve your goals. Make sure the agency allows revisions and updates in the final presentation.

    Consider your budget

    The cost of presentation services may vary from $11 to $500+ per slide, so you can find a good presentation design agency for any budget. However, be sure to clarify the price and consider the value provided.

  • Compare the prices in different agencies and what each one provides for the price you pay. Evaluate the quality and creativity of slides, the amount of design work, and additional research/data visualization.

    Look for guarantees

    The best presentation agencies offer guarantees to ensure that you will receive a good product for your money. A reputable company will refund your payment if they fail to create presentations for you on time. Often, companies offer some kind of a satisfaction guarantee - if you are not happy with a presentation design, they will revise everything for free.

    Before you spend money on a PowerPoint design agency, make sure that they offer solid guarantees and will work on your project until you're happy.

    Look for custom presentation services

    Customization makes all the difference in getting your presentation remembered. Using a plain PowerPoint template and black text on the white screen is not enough to impress your prospects or investors.

    Ask if the company can tailor a presentation to your specific needs and detailed instructions. Make sure the agency delivers on-brand presentations, follows your tone of voice and reflects your values when creating presentation design to build the perfect presentation narrative that serves your goals.

    Check the additional services

    In addition to crafting an engaging presentation, some agencies offer the extras, such as infographic design, motion design, training in PowerPoint and other presentation software, and more. You can hire a designer to develop your brand's logo and visual identity. Check with the company you've chosen if they offer additional services.

What is the best presentation design agency?

Among the presentation design companies from the above list, you can confidently choose CustomPresentaitonServices. Our company offers customized solutions for businesses and individuals. You can order as many slides as you like with a short turnaround, and we can update your old presentation and create a new one for you from scratch.

Contact us on chat to find out more about our design services and get matched with a design expert in your industry.

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