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We have wide opportunities for crafting first-rate presentations for you. When bright creativity, a keen mind, and a valuable practical background are combined, the best design solutions are born. Would you like to see it in practice?

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PowerPoint design services: Our offers

If your issue concerns presentations, we are willing to solve it. Our capacity is enough to cope with all types of presentations, beginning from slides for high school and to brand visualization. Due to our flexible terms and an individual approach, everyone can choose the most suitable variant of cooperation here.

  • Standard Powerpoint Presentation

    For your ordinary presentations

    • Understandable slides
    • Fresh thoughts
    • Meeting your deadlines
    • Online support
    • Good results

    Start from $11,17 per page

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  • Premium Powerpoint Presentation

    When you require a complex approach to your presentation

    • Individually created elements
    • Well-thought-out concepts
    • Short terms
    • Your online questions are first-in-line
    • Effective solution precisely for your situation

    Start from $12,29 per page

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  • Exclusive Powerpoint Presentation

    For your special occasions and life-changing projects

    • Hand-drawn digital images are available
    • In-depth data analysis
    • Urgent terms
    • Personalized support 24/7
    • WOW-factor

    Start from $14,52 per page

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Our design service helps to demonstrate your ideas

PowerPoint is not the only format of our presentations. Actually, you can order various types of visualization for your information:

  • a complete Powerpoint presentation (a logical sequence of slides united by one idea);
  • infographics (we turn big volumes of complicated content into simple graphic images);
  • a video slide show (a certain number of slides);
  • separate slides (you can order a group of slides for your different projects here);
  • a separate image (logo, picture, graphic illustration);
  • a simple video (i.e. animation; discussed individually).

Reasons to opt for our PowerPoint outsourcing service

Visuals can be your opportunity to enhance the project, and, on the other hand, they can make you look bad. Do not risk your reputation. Opt for our professionals if you count on good outcomes — we'll exceed your expectations.

Valuable practical background

Our design team members take part in modern conferences, professional meetings, webinars, etc. So we know from experience how the slides should look like. The best vetted methods are used to convey your message and engage the audience.

The best prices

Our PowerPoint presentations are not the cheapest ones in the design services industry. Yet they are absolutely affordable for most customers. Quality well-thought-out projects from our designers are always worth the price.


We respect your wish to stay anonymous when choosing our presentation design services. Our employees sign a non-disclosure agreement. So your personal data and information on orders are kept secret.

We are legit

Our presentation design services do not break intellectual property laws. All the images are created by our designers, and some elements can be bought or taken for free from resources available for commercial purposes.

Why people trust our design agency

We consider reliability to be the most crucial condition for Internet business. The founders of our company create a safe online environment for all the participants involved in services. We appreciate every client and order, in particular.

We meet your requirements

Every presentation design from our team is a contribution to the customer's success. That is why we establish our design strategy in accordance with your individual situation. Our experts take into account your personal story and global trends in the industry.

The team of true experts works on your order

We are one of few companies that have managed to build a strong team of designers. Besides, our agency comprises skilled managers and hard-working support specialists. Together our professionals deliver really good services.

Strict compliance with deadlines

Our presentation designers pay precise attention to the terms mentioned in the Order Form. Years of previous work in this profession enable us to estimate the volume of the necessary effort and our opportunities correctly.

Honest terms of cooperation

We take every customer as a partner, as we sincerely want to contribute to his/her success. One can count on a fair pricing policy, reliable support, and effective assistance. Our agency does not hide any information on our presentation design service.

We are trusted by thousands of users. And we will be glad to create visual content for you too.


Where to use our PowerPoint presentation?

Our team is glad to cooperate with clients around the world. People require presentation design or separate its elements for various situations, and we have enough power to help them with that. Every solution is created for a certain audience.

  • 1 Presentation design proving your knowledge and skills

    Contemporary learners have to cope with a bunch of assignments. Having put all the effort into writing texts for reports, they often lack time to compose the presentation and other elements of visual content. We can create PowerPoint slides in 24 hours and demonstrate your analytical skills and creative talents in the best light. Contact our team!

    2 Presentation design informing the audience

    We are glad to offer presentation design telling the story of your brand, demonstrating your products, describing your marketing strategy, etc. Our experts carefully analyze available information, select the most valuable facts so that to come up with valuable content for your slides.

  • 3 Design service attracting investors or motivating users to become your clients

    Our presentation design group is aware of call-to-action techniques, and this knowledge results in compelling slides.

    • We make your pitch deck look solid and well-grounded due to well-considered content and images.
    • Our slides boost your sales and enhance marketing events. We consider every single nuance: color palette, brand logo, the target client, etc.

    4 Presentation design for your emails

    We can prepare templates for your business or personal emails too. The clients will definitely appreciate your letters if you use our design.

    5 Presentation of your portfolio

    If you are an aspiring specialist or a young company, we can help with the presentation of your samples. We know how to show the results of your work in the best way. With us, you can attract more customers.

We develop your ideas and compose the most suitable presentation design. Let's get started!

What is an effective presentation from our specialists?

The main principle of our work is to turn your issues into effective decisions. Send us your files, and we will come up with compelling presentations. We accept your materials in any form: excerpts from stories, video pieces, graphic drafts, etc.

  • Our company completes the full cycle of the presentation design. The process of our work consists of the following steps:

    • 1) analysis of the situation (we attentively study your Order Form);
    • 2) data gathering (our specialist can use your information or collect it on his/her own);
    • 3) examination of information (depending on the goal of the presentation, the group of our assistants studies your personal story, conducts marketing research, reads your corporate code, etc.);
    • 4) building the strategy for the presentation (in accordance with specifics of your project, we determine the style of design and establish ideas for content);
    • 5) composing slides or other visuals (global projects are implemented by several designers and simple presentations can be composed by one specialist);
    • 6) checking the results (our manager monitors the process of creating your presentation and the quality of the service; that is why files from our company are always delivered on time). As a result of our creative services, you receive a perfectly composed presentation or any other visual object. Our experts deliver files in various formats: ppt, pdf, pptx, etc.
  • We see the value of our PowerPoint design assistance in the following benefits:

    • boring facts and figures turn into evocative images;
    • complicated materials are getting clear to your audience;
    • bright engaging pictures attract attention;
    • well-considered concise texts express your main thought.
    • All this leads to a guaranteed result. The presentation is a sort of communication, and our specialists know how to make the most of it.

Have questions about our services? Let's discuss them — contact our manager via a live chat!

Clients-oriented service: How to order our presentation?

We have tried our best to make the ordering process convenient and fast. You do not have to wait for hours if you want to register on our portal.

  • 1 Sign in

    The registration procedure is super easy. Find the appropriate button in the website menu and fill in the short form.

    2 Tell us about your expectations and requirements

    In order to receive maximum effective services from our designers, mention the following information:

    • the number of slides you need for the presentation;
    • preferences on the content;
    • the desired plan or the structure of the project;
    • visual objects you would like to see in your presentation;
    • the style and the purpose (compelling, informative, call to action, increasing the volume of sales, etc.);
    • the format of files.
  • 3 Discuss your project with the representative of our company

    We want every customer to feel convenient and safe when ordering our design service. If you have doubts or require help with placing an order, please, contact us via a live chat. Our support team works without breaks to ensure reliable help at any stage of our cooperation.

    4 Pay for your design project

    We offer to use reliable payment systems for financial transactions. PayPal is the most popular among them.

    5 Enjoy your awesome presentation design

    We are sure you will appreciate the result of our service. Check your inbox and download files. Striving to craft your presentation design service as soon as possible, we minimize the turnaround time without compromising the quality.

Choose our professionals for your ordinary and special projects. We know everything about visual presentations, and we are here to apply our knowledge, experience, and inspiration to your order.