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Need a beautiful and insightful presentation for college or work? Entrust this task to our talented designers. We combine vivid imagery, analytical approach, and design trends to create compelling PowerPoint presentations for every goal.

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Why outsource your PowerPoint presentations?

Outsourcing powerpoint presentations to experts has multiple advantages:

Save time for important projects

Crafting compelling PowerPoint presentations can be time-consuming, especially if you don't have advanced design skills. A professional PowerPoint presentation designer can save your or your team's time, returning a great presentation and helping you focus on the most important projects.

High-quality presentations

To prepare a good presentation, you need a specialized set of skills. Our presentation design services deliver high-quality work by employing modern design trends and visual storytelling techniques. We customize presentation design for each customer so that it helps reach your goals.

Quick turnaround

A PowerPoint design service can implement your ideas and prepare informative, bright presentations for you in 12 hours. If you need a presentation design today, entrust the task to our experts and we will take care of everything and relieve you from stress.

Flexible prices

If you order a significant number of presentation slides, we offer high-volume discounts. Save up to 20% off the amount of your order by outsourcing multiple presentations to us. We also offer special student discounts.

Personalized PowerPoint design services for businesses, students, and professionals

  • Outsourcing PowerPoint presentations is a great solution for everyone who needs engaging presentations for business or educational goals. Creating a strong presentation takes time and energy. Moreover, you need design skills, the knowledge of composition rules, and effective communication to create a presentation design that captures the attention of your audience.

    CustomPresentationService offers personalized, cost-effective presentation solutions for every client. We help with presentation slides for college, great complex business diagrams, educational materials and pitch decks. Our outsourcing services can prepare a presentation for your business report or research paper to illustrate our ideas and win your target audience. We create each design from scratch, using presentation tools of your choice and following all your wishes.

    We offer PowerPoint services and also work with Google Slides. Your designer will consider the presentation context (academic, professional, or else) to create the appropriate visual presentation. We will also evaluate the level of formality, use the images you provide, and follow the strict brand guidelines if necessary. Our PowerPoint designers work alongside accomplished communications professionals to ensure that text and design are up to scratch.

  • Here's what you can expect from our agency:

    • custom presentation design and content, created according to your requirements and wishes;
    • effective data visualization using charts, tables, graphs, and diagrams;
    • presentation content tailored to your target audience to help meet your goals;
    • unique professional design that attracts attention and helps communicate your ideas effectively;
    • presentation text that reflects your tone of voice and business values;
    • icons, graphic elements and illustrations of your choice;
    • ongoing quality control to make sure the presentation design meets all your requirements.

Our advantages

For 11+ years, we have been creating professional presentations for professionals, college students, business owners, and coaches. We create personalized solutions for each client, ensuring that the ready presentation meets and exceeds expectations. Here are the principles of our work:

In-house presentation designers

We have brought together a team of talented designers who can breathe life into your visual ideas. We work on the slide backgrounds, fonts, style, and composition to effectively deliver your ideas. We may use templates, but all work is 100% one of its kind and customized to your goals.

Unlimited revisions

Our design services offer free revisions for 14 days to make sure you are satisfied with the finalized product. If you need any changes in the written presentation, send your comments to us and we will adjust accordingly.

Excellent English

Our company works with native or near-native English speakers. You can count on error-free writing, perfect grammar and punctuation, and meaningful presentation content.

Effective flow of ideas

As we employ professional writers and communication specialists, we effectively use text and graphic elements to foster understanding and better convey your ideas. We create structured, concise text to better illustrate your key points.

Full data security

We offer PowerPoint outsourcing for the academic and business world, thus, we take confidentiality seriously. Our company uses safe payment methods and encryption protocols, and all our employees sign NDAs. Any sensitive details you share with us are safe and confidential.

Support 24/7

Unlike other popular PowerPoint agencies, our support team is online 24/7 via live chat. Reach out anytime to get a consultation, an instant quote, or to check progress on your existing order.

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Outsourcing PowerPoint presentations: Choosing the best option

Outsourcing your presentations to an expert has many advantages. Firstly, you will receive beautifying presentations with no effort. Secondly, you will save time for other priorities. If you are planning to hire someone for your presentation, there are several options to consider:

  • Hiring a freelancer

    The good thing about hiring a freelancer is that you can hire a contractor for any industry and budget. However, you cannot be sure about the quality of the final product. If your presentation is super important (for example, you are presenting research findings or planning to seal profitable deals with high-profile clients), you can waste time and money and receive a poor presentation.

  • Working with design agencies

    Large design agencies care about their reputation, so you can count on great design and accurate representation of your ideas on slides. However, the process can be long and the prices are usually higher than the average.

  • Cooperating with specialized presentation design services

    By outsourcing your presentations to a specialized company, you can get your presentations done timely. For example, our agency prepares presentations for multiple industries and works 24/7, so time zone differences will not be a problem. Whether you need a college presentation, minimalist pitch decks, or a presentation for employee training documents, we are on it. A quality assurance team checks that the presentation meets 100% of your requirements before sending it to you.

What can we help you with?

  • Custom PowerPoint presentation design

    An experienced presentation maker will create a presentation for you from scratch. Provide us with the presentation text, research findings, or a business report, and we will organize it visually. Your designer will choose the theme, visualize data, and implement your ideas within the shortest terms. We will consider your industry, target audience, and the brand's tone of voice for the best result.

  • Presentation brush-up

    Already have a presentation? Our experts can strengthen it, improving slide design, adding relevant images, and correcting the text for mistakes. We will ensure that the slides illustrate the key points of your presentation persuasively and is easy to digest for your audience.


PowerPoint design services for everyone

Outsourcing presentation design is a great way to visualize your ideas professionally and save time. Our team of writing wizards and design experts work collaboratively on each project to make your presentation shine. We work with all types of customers:


To foster effective collaboration with partners or clients, crafting effective presentations is a must. Outsource presentation design to our experts to draw the attention of potential customers, inform the investors about your startup, or present your business during a conference. By outsourcing presentation design to experts, you will save time of your employees and let them focus on more important tasks.

Students and researchers

We help students present their research findings and increase their grades. Use our team's collective experience to visualize your ideas effectively and contribute to your verbal report. Impress the professors and your peers by presenting findings persuasively. We help with all academic disciplines, including Psychology, Economics, Business, English Literature, History, and Chemistry, to name a few.


Need good presentation design for the marketing department, internal meetings, or the report to senior management? Save your time and entrust the task to us. We will present your findings and insights visually, presenting the data in an engaging way and proving the efficiency of your ideas. We will pick the right design and structure for your target audience to help you meet your professional goals.

Other PowerPoint design services

Whether you need to promote a personal brand online, create educational materials, or simply put together a presentation for a family event, we are on it.

We offer presentation design services for every industry

Our team has a vast experience with different types of presentations. Here are just a few examples of projects we can execute:

  • business plans for investors;
  • marketing presentations;
  • project management presentations;
  • digital marketing strategy reports;
  • pitch decks Prezi presentations;
  • client proposal;
  • employee training presentation design;
  • research paper and thesis presentations;
  • presentations for sales meetings, client meetings, and many more.
  • presentations for online courses;

How much do PowerPoint presentations cost?

  • Low-end presentation services are not likely to deliver high-quality work. In the best case scenario, you will receive a presentation that uses a PPT template with your text copied and pasted into it. Our agency doesn't have the lowest prices in the market because we care about the quality of the presentations we create. We work with talented graphic designers and writers who work on the content and design for a great overall impression.

    The cost of presentation design services depends on the following factors:

  • Here's what you can expect from our agency:

    • the deadline of your project (orders with long deadlines are cheaper than presentations with a 12-hour delivery);
    • the number of slides;
    • the type of your project (a pitch deck or a marketing report visualization is more expensive than a college-level presentation);
    • additional services (such as conducting research, data visualization, or picking royalty-free images).

How does it work?

Our agency has over a decade of experience providing PowerPoint design services. Order your presentation in five minutes:

  • Place an order

    Share the specifics of your order so we could better understand your expectations. Upload the brief, or simply provide us with the following details:

    • the number of slides you need and the deadline;
    • your industry and information about your company (or your university);
    • your target audience and the purpose of the presentation (i.e. to educate, to sell, etc.)
  • We match you with an expert

    A customer support manager connects you with a presentation maker. You can speak to your assigned expert anytime and discuss the presentation details. Your expert is available in our messaging system.

  • Download the ready presentation

    We will deliver a ready presentation in PPT or other format. Review the presentation and ask for a free revision if necessary. Rate your writer's work so we could improve our services for you!

    For your convenience, we work outside regular business hours. Support team is online on chat and accepts orders 24/7. We can help in many ways, from making basic enhancements to your current presentation to creating a presentation for you from scratch. Contact us on chat to use our special discount for new customers!


Can I see a sample presentation before I order?

You can request samples of presentations in chat, and our support agents will gladly provide them. We develop customized presentation design and structure for every client, so your presentation will be 100% unique.

How does the process work?

Send us the presentation brief, or simply tell us about what type of presentation you need and who is your target audience. Our experts will choose appropriate design, and tone of voice, and develop content to help you meet your goals. We can also create a presentation that reflects your company's tone of voice.

Can I contact the designer directly?

Our agency encourages cooperation between clients and presentation designers, as this helps create excellent presentations. Be sure to communicate all your ideas and concerns to your assigned expert so they could better meet your expectations.

Take your presentations to the next level

Outsource PowerPoint presentations to our designers and ease your workload. Our team prepares beautifying presentations for every purpose, helping you illustrate your findings or impress clients and investors. Chat with us today to get a special discount.

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