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We are the best place to order a successful PowerPoint presentation! Our team combines a serious approach and creative energy to compose effective slides for you. Understanding that PPT projects can seem boring, complicated, and time-consuming, we offer to do them for you. Our agency helps people to share ideas and convey information effectively.

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How we can help you

For now, a PowerPoint presentation has become a good way to demonstrate facts and convince the audience. Its sphere of implementation is not restricted to high school or college assignments. Thus, our designers successfully use its capacity for the business field too. For us, the presentation is a successful combination of texts and images. We use the power of words and visualization to come up with a compelling slideshow.

Presentation writing for learners

If you are a modern student, you probably encounter the necessity to draw pictures, compose tables, create charts quite often. In case you lack time or skills to cope with them on your own, please, contact the representatives of our website. Our specialists are aware of educational standards, so do not worry about formatting, data reliability, spelling mistakes, etc.

Presentations for professional educators

As a teacher or a coach, you are likely to require bright pictures and engaging slides. Students perceive learning materials better if they see interesting infographics or other visual objects. A well-considered video slideshow from our experts can become a good teaching tool. We know how to explain complicated terms and visualize sophisticated concepts clearly.

An individual approach to every presentation

A custom PowerPoint presentation is an effective instrument for various business aims. Our team delves into all the nuances of your mission and goals. In our work, we use mild methods of advertising, present your brand in the best light, demonstrate your products and accomplishments effectively. All this contributes to your good image.

Tired of writing texts and composing visuals for your PowerPoint presentation? Order our services!

Arguments in favor of our presentation service

We emphasize the importance of reliability when it deals with presentations. Be it your academic project, a business plan, or any creative assignment, do not risk your reputation. Imagine that you have interesting thoughts, valuable findings, or innovative products. Yet a dull presentation overshadows all your effort. To avoid this situation, trust our professionals.

Knowledge-based solutions

Our team members are true experts, and we are aware of hundreds of methods on how to visualize your data. We turn written ideas into awesome presentations. Wide academic knowledge enables us to establish strategies for your design fast.

A significant practical background

Due to years of successful experience in the design sphere, we have honed our skills and built a database of templates. However, every PowerPoint presentation is a unique project, we use templates as the basis for further work.

Friendly and competent support

We guarantee a fast reply to your question. If you have an urgent assignment, please, do not hesitate to write us a message. We work without days off so that everyone could place the order and discuss the details of our PowerPoint presentation help at any time.

An eye for detail

We double-check all the information before putting it on the slide. Every point, image, font, sign are carefully revised. Typos and other mistakes are not acceptable for our presentations, as we realize that these pictures and texts are the focus of listeners' attention.

All the strengths of our presentation design agency work well because they are combined together. Thus, our team receives a synergistic effect, and you, in turn, get the best presentation of your project!

Impactful presentations from our designers

We have been successfully working with PowerPoint presentations of different complexity levels for global and local enterprises, startuppers, speakers, learners, etc. Our assistance is not only about beautiful pictures, we establish meaningful design helping the customer to reach his/her goal. Modern presentation writing arises at the intersection of analytical, writing, and artistic skills. The combination of logic, talent, and hard work results in tangible results.

  • This is how it works

    Research shows that visual content has more chances to win the audience's attention. The point is to present facts and thoughts in a well-conceived and compelling manner. The magic of our top-notch quality PowerPoint presentation lies in the simplicity of perception and the ability to cause emotions. We do not only deliver the necessary information but also engage the audience.

  • As a result of our cooperation, our customer can receive:

    • a PowerPoint slideshow;
    • a separate image for your assignment (pictures for school essays, tables for research papers);
    • templates for future PowerPoint projects;
    • free support online (free consultations and tips on the assignment).

    We can deliver your presentation in any format and form: ppt, pdf, pptx, Google Doc page, etc. All the nuances concerning formatting, the purpose of your paper, free opportunities, the size of the slide (page) are discussed individually.

    The written text always sounds better when it is accompanied by visual objects. We guarantee that your essays, reports, and other projects will benefit from our service and tips.

How to order our presentation writing service?

We have tried to simplify the ordering process so that you could easily buy PowerPoint presentations from our experts.

1. Register on our website

We need minimum personal data and contact information. As a registered client of our company, you receive access to the personal cabinet.

2. Decide on your order

Please, mention crucial requirements for your PowerPoint presentation: the topic, the number of slides, preferable graphic objects, etc.

3. Make a payment

We offer to use PayPal for financial transactions. And we also work with other reliable systems when providing our PowerPoint presentation help.

4. Check your inbox

We always strive to send your presentations earlier than the deadline comes. Download files and enjoy the results.

Professional PowerPoint projects at the best prices. Sounds good, and it is even better in practice. Try it today!

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How we make your PowerPoint presentations

We see great opportunities in PowerPoint, as well as use other software to come up with awesome projects for you.

  • 1. Research of initial materials

    At least two variants are available. Send us your report, and we will select the most significant information for the slideshow. And if the PowerPoint presentation is your separate project, our assistants gather information and study your topic first.

    2. Building the strategy for the design of the PowerPoint presentation

    Our design and writing service agency takes your orders in a comprehensive manner, especially if it deals with a PowerPoint presentation for your special occasions. That is why we establish a plan and determine:

    • your audience (its expectations from your PowerPoint project, values, interests, etc.);
    • the style of your speech (academic, storytelling, convincing, coaching, etc.);
    • the structure of the future PowerPoint project (sequence and the content of the slides);
    • the color palette and the main idea of the design.
  • 3. Making a PowerPoint presentation

    We take creating a presentation as a serious task. Thus, our writers ponder over the strategy for the design and texts before composing the first slide.

    In our work, we use modern software. Thus, the PowerPoint from Microsoft offers wide opportunities for creating slideshows and separate images. Our writer and designer use them at full. Besides, our company works with Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator to draw separate pictures.

Do you adhere to the 10 20 30 rule?

This golden rule for the presentation boils down to informativeness, conciseness, and clarity. It means that you must show ten slides during twenty minutes of your speech, and the minimum font for the text should be thirty points. We agree with Guy Kawasaki who invented this proportion and, meanwhile, we consider the wishes of our clients too. Our PowerPoint presentation help is built on both standard rules and individual requirements.

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How much does it cost to order design and writing services?

  • Our pricing policy is built on the principles of honesty and transparency. The sum of money you pay for our service is compensation for our time resources and the decent quality of the final result. Please note, that it depends on several points:

    • the length of your slideshow,
    • the number of elements on the slide,
    • the deadline,
    • the format,
    • the amount of information provided and its quality.

    Situations when people choose our services

    Nowadays, visuals are becoming more and more popular. Blog writers use pictures to add brightness and informativeness to their articles. Scientific writers require visual objects to demonstrate their findings. Despite the academic discipline, students use presentations to show their level of knowledge.

    Various issues lead users to our company. Our capacity is enough to cope with all of them with skill. Here are the most popular cases when our services are extremely helpful.

  • 'I have no time to complete the presentation'

    It is a most common situation for contemporary students. Presentation writing can be an individual task or an addition to an academic paper. In both cases, it takes significant time. In order to create a slide, one has to research the topic, learn how to use the program, come up with visuals, etc. Besides, the modern learner has a bunch of assignments apart from the PowerPoint presentation.

    ' I lack the creativity to compose the PowerPoint presentation'

    It happens that even professors' recommendations and tips do not help to unlock your imagination. Do not sweat over presentations if your creativity skills are insufficient. Maybe you are good at research papers or essays writing, and visualization is not your cup of tea. So fill in our Order Form and order our service.

    'The presentation is extremely challenging for me'

    Some presentations can require additional effort. A mediocre slideshow is not suitable for life-changing projects, serious college assignments, research reports, etc. Our experts find perfect visual forms for your biggest plans. All the elements of our design are well-thought-out and the quality is top-notch.

Our PowerPoint presentations are about effective visual solutions. They imply a harmonious combination of the design and writing service. Do not hesitate to place your order here — we complete your tasks on the best terms!